What Dreams May Come

Happy New Year! It’s been some time since I’ve blogged, hasn’t it? I need to get my act together.

Yesterday I was at the grocery store, and got a glimpse of giant tubs of cookies & cream ice cream. They have been a gallon, or perhaps even larger. (Growing up, a gallon was the standard size of ice cream purchased in our house. Hey, we were in Wisconsin and most dairy came by the gallon. Also, it was more economical that way… I’m sure. These days we generally purchase ice cream in much smaller quantities, so a gallon seems monstrously huge.) I thought, “Oh [the bf] would love that!” And I kept walking.

That night I was having some weird dreams. I am not sure how this one started, but I remember being in my grandma’s house, with my former hairdresser and her friend/coworker. I had to go to the bathroom*. As is often the case with having to pee in a dream, it don’t go well…and I had to pee in real life, when I eventually woke up. So I went to the bathroom, but the bathroom was partially exposed, to the interior and exterior of the home. The toilet was blocked from view from the inside, but not from the outside. And there were too young kids walking up the snow-covered driveway, who would have gotten a show had I done my business in the toilet. What to do?

As it turns out, there was alternative to the toilet…a big hill? mound? glob?…of cookies and cream ice cream accessible from the bathroom. It was outside, I guess. And in this glob of ice cream, there was a hole dug for doing one’s business. Sort of an ice cream latrine. I could go there, squat down and take care of things without being seen by the kids below. So of course I did.

But this was, after all, a big pile of delicious cookies & cream ice cream! So I had to taste it. Not the stuff I was peeing (or pooing? my memory is vague here) into of course. That would be disgusting! Yet I ate some, of course I did!

I don’t really recall much after that, but I did wake up having to pee. Isn’t it weird how some random thing seen in passing can turn itself into a central–and bizarre–part of our dreams?

*As I was typing this, I suddenly recalled another dream I used to have, involving different grandparents’ house. In this one, their bathroom was partially open; there was a shelf in one of the walls that opened into the living room. What is it with grandparents’ bathrooms being exposed?


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