Celebrity Apprentice…Again

Ugh, I got sucked into “Celebrity Apprentice” last season, and I am still stuck on it. This shames me a bit.

So as I type this, the season premiere is on now. There are a fair number of contestants what made me go “Who?” They’re all pretty irrelevant. I haven’t decided who I want to win yet, but I have a couple I’d like to see gone right now.

First, Adam Corolla. I could probably rant on about why I don’t like him, but it basically comes down to him being a major prick. Next, Victoria Gotti. I don’t think being a member of a an organized crime family qualifies you as being a celebrity. Also holy shit is she scary looking! This early on, there’s no one else on my must go list, but as I start to see what some of these peoples’ personalities I’ll add to it I’m sure.

Other random thought: Clay Aiken looks terrible.

Let the games begin!


Movin’ On Up

Extra ExtraI have news. This isn’t really a secret but I don’t think it’s exactly common knowledge among my Twitter followers, so this serves as your official announcement. And I’ll see if anyone actually reads this blog! It’s a twofer!

The news is: I’m moving. No big deal, you move all the time Josh! (You think if you’ve known me awhile.) This is a bigger move than usual. I’m moving to New York City.

Here are the basics. More details will come later. Why? Because my boyfriend was offered a temporary position there with his current employer, and I felt like it was a good opportunity, plus I’ve been ready for a change from Chicago and on the job front for awhile. Temporary, you say? Yes, it would be two years with a possible option for a third, after which we could return to Chicago, or possibly go elsewhere. When? Looks like early June. Do you have a job there? No. I’m going to be a house husband and dedicate myself to charitable pursuits. Really?! NO! I wish! But I’ll have to find a job. I don’t have one lined up yet. Isn’t New York expensive? Yes. Yes it is. Good God, yes. =sigh= Where are you going to live? Don’t know that yet. We get two months of corporate housing paid for, so there’s time to figure that out.

That’s all for now. I’ll keep you posted as the planning progresses, and maybe even share some thoughts and feelings (GASP! I know…) on the whole thing. In the mean time, have a great weekend! Feel free to ask questions in the comments.