Hi, I’m Bruiser, but you can call me Josh.

Why am I Bruiser? That’s a long story. It’s an ironic-yet-not nickname I picked up in a bar awhile back. But know that if you’re in trouble, Bruiser’s got your back!

I live in Chicago, I have a “real job”. I’m originally from Wisconsin. I’m a dude, and I like dudes. I have a special dude of my own. I don’t normally refer to myself (or anyone else, for that matter) as a “dude”, but I just felt like it today. Wanna make something of it? I’m kooky and sarcastic, so don’t take me too seriously. I use too many parenthetical phrases when I write. There’s only one on this page, as I was practicing great restraint.

This blog is mostly for myself, but I welcome all readers who are bored enough to be interested, and encourage comments.

Go Pack!

I also tweet. You can find me on the Twitters: @JustJoshBlue I am not on Facebook. Seriously.


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