Celebrity Apprentice…Again

Ugh, I got sucked into “Celebrity Apprentice” last season, and I am still stuck on it. This shames me a bit.

So as I type this, the season premiere is on now. There are a fair number of contestants what made me go “Who?” They’re all pretty irrelevant. I haven’t decided who I want to win yet, but I have a couple I’d like to see gone right now.

First, Adam Corolla. I could probably rant on about why I don’t like him, but it basically comes down to him being a major prick. Next, Victoria Gotti. I don’t think being a member of a an organized crime family qualifies you as being a celebrity. Also holy shit is she scary looking! This early on, there’s no one else on my must go list, but as I start to see what some of these peoples’ personalities I’ll add to it I’m sure.

Other random thought: Clay Aiken looks terrible.

Let the games begin!


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