Bruiser Blogs on Burgers

Five Guys burgerOne of the items I’m retrieving from my defunct previous blog is my Burger List. In a nutshell, the BL is a list of places I created based on several “best burger in Chicago(land)” lists from Grub Street, Chicago Magazine and Metromix. These are places I want to try a burger. It is my mission to try them all! The list is as follows, including my current progress toward my goal (*’d places are on the two original lists; the Metromix list was of new places, which I added in 2010):

Places I’ve already checked off my list:

  • Billy Goat Tavern – It’s not bad…the cheezborger would be much better if they used actual cheese
  • The Gage – Not the best I’ve ever had, but a very strong contender.
  • The Twisted Spoke – Haven’t been there for awhile. I need to go back for a Fat Boy.
  • Marc Burger* at Seven on State – Good, but messy and spendy for basically a fast food burger.
  • Yoshi’s Cafe — Good, not amazing.
  • Five Guys Burger and Fries* – Yum! Among the best of the fast food type burgers in Chicago. Great fries, too.
  • Epic Burger* – Overrated. Pricey, greasy and bland. The toppings do all the work.
  • Custom House — Fine but not particularly memorable.
  • Naha — Pretty good, but not cooked to order & over-priced. There are much better values.
  • Bull & Bear — Kobe beef, good stuff. Not cheap but you get a lot for the money.
  • Paramount Room — Had this a long time before updating this list and can’t remember much about it now. Also may have been tipsy at the time.
  • Sola — Excellent burger.  Properly cooked, good flavor, great toppings, on a perfect pretzel roll. Top 10!
  • Benny’s Chop House — Wow! Fried Egg and Truffle Aioli Burger, one of the best! At least as good as The Gage burger, and a tad cheaper.
  • Sable Kitchen & Bar — Good, but again not memorable (and I wasn’t drinking this time).
  • M Burger — Just had another one tonight. Among the best for a fast-food style burger.

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